Thursday, October 10, 2013

Original Songs Downloaded to YouTube

I'm happy to say that live versions of several of my original songs have been downloaded to my YouTube channel.

     They are--

1 "Squirrel's World" (a catchy bluegrass tune about the little animals in my yard);

2 "Cat's Wail" (a bluesy guitar instrumental) ;

3 "Set Me Free" (a bluesy prayer to God) ;  &

4 "Snooze" (a sarcastic, soulful look at sleep).

These were all recorded in August "live" at The Inn, a Christian night spot in Salisbury, NC. 

I'd like to personally thank Melinda Watkins for recording these songs and making them available for downloading to YouTube.

  I just noticed that there is a lot of "lag time" at the beginning of songs, where I either chattered or made a mistake and started the song over.   I hope to "edit" these to trim the time length of the songs down a bit;  until then, I apologize for making you watch the "unedited" versions.   At least, you get to see the "raw uncut" performance for now.

Hope you enjoy them  =)

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