Friday, January 17, 2014

Guitar Gigs

  Just wanted to let ya know & encourage you to "go check out" the GUITAR GIGS page on this GuiTarHeel site.   GUITAR GIGS will update you on a lot of the area performances, especially from great guitar players & pickers.   Our Guitar Class has gone as a group to many of these performances in the past;  check back frequently to find out what "gigs" are coming up soon in this area.. and then go with us!

  Just a few of the past guitar performances that we have attended and enjoyed :

  • Pat Terry (singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA) 

   Click on the ABOVE LINKS to the web sites of these great guitarists ; they all have many guitar videos on YouTube where you can enjoy their music. 

   So- keep coming back to GUITAR GIGS to learn more about upcoming concerts!

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