Friday, June 27, 2014

Audio & Video Soundtracks

   The latest addition to the GUITARHEEL site is a soundtrack for the song "Tennessee Waltz".  If this soundtrack receives good feedback from my guitar class students, I plan to begin including either audio or video soundtracks for each and every song that we play.

  Click on "Guitar Lessons" & then "Audio & Video" to access this new soundtrack lesson, or you can also find it at this link at my YouTube channel :

  I also plan to begin introducing new guitar teaching videos that will supplement my in-class lessons, and will also be a means to introduce my site to students in other locations via the Internet.  It is my intention to build an entire system of both printed lessons (a guitar teaching workbook) & video lessons (DVD's) which will be incorporated on this website.

  Keep coming back to for more exciting, new guitar teaching aids and materials.

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