Friday, February 21, 2014

Guitar Teaching Videos

Beginning Guitar Video Lessons

I recently filmed some guitar teaching videos, and will begin to post them on this site soon.  The GuiTarHeel site will also be remodeled a bit, with easier-to-navigate tools.
My new videos will include Guitar Lessons on topics like :
  • How to Hold &  Play the Guitar
  • Learning the Strings of the Guitar
  • Learning our First Guitar Chords
  • Fingerboard Exercises : The "Spider" Scale
  • Strumming Patterns & Techniques
   These videos are designed to be used as follow-up lessons for my Guitar Class students.  They may eventually be utilized as a separate Guitar Teaching Video, or website.

  The videos will be downloaded and posted to the GuiTarHeel website, and will probably also be posted on YouTube.  Hopefully, after posting these first few videos are posted, then more will be added soon.  Eventually, I hope to start posting new videos every week.

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