Thursday, February 27, 2014

Would You Like to Play the Guitar?

Would You Like to Play the Guitar?
(Pat Donahue)
would u like to play the guitar
carry money home in a jar
from a coffeehouse or a bar
or would u rather get a job ?
a job is a thing that makes u get out of bed
u work every day until you're dead
your back is aching and your mind is numb
and you just can't wait until the weekends come
but if u don't want to starve or beg or rob
you'll probably have to get a job

would u like to play the guitar
drive for miles and miles in your car
and pretend that you're a big star
or would u rather book the gig?

the agent's the guy that gets his 20%
what he says ain't exactly what he meant
he'll clean u out in ways u never thought, cuz he's good @business & he knows you're not
and he'll stew if you ever make it big
cuz he's the one that booked the gig

would u like to play the guitar
for a living hardy har har
i'll admit it's kinda bizarre
or would u rather be the wife ?

the wife's the one who has to rescue your butt
i'm either a saint or else i'm nuts
i get impatient and i get annoyed
cuz i'm the one who must remain employed
and btw, if you wanna wreck your life
become a guitar player's wife

cuz all the monkeys aren't in the zoo
they can be trained to play the guitar too
and do a whole lot better than you
and even if you don't get far 
you could be worse off than u are
at least you're playing your guitar


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