Monday, June 22, 2015

Slow, Sultry Summer

   Not much has been going on this summer.  The weather has been very hot and humid.  My guitar classes have dropped off to about 12--15 students spread over two classes.  I did have three classes, but the first ABC (absolute beginners) class dropped down to one or two due to vacations, illnesses, and busy schedules.  Then last week, there was a unique occurrence : the first week ever that NO ONE showed for one of my classes.  My helper and I put the guitars down and went and shot pool for awhile.  It was a nice break, but I'd much rather be busy teaching guitar.

     Hopefully, things will pick up in July or September (my classes start every other month).  Looking ahead, I'm looking forward to having a good group back for the Fall.  But for the time being, we press ahead with the group we've got.  It's not as much fun with less people, but it's important not to let down or give up in the midst of disappointment.