Friday, October 2, 2015

Muriel Anderson Concert

  EXCITING NEWS-- Muriel has agreed to teach my Guitar Classes a one-hour guitar lesson prior to her show this Friday, Oct. 23 !   

Love Your Guitar

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I’m a guitarist and a guitar teacher.  You might imagine a stereotypical character… one that carries his guitar case around with him everywhere he goes.  Someone that is ready to serenade at the drop of a hat.   But nothing could be farther from the actual truth.  I don’t always want to play the guitar.  I’ve gone stretches of days and weeks without playing in the past.  Sometimes I am just not in the mood to even look at a guitar, much less play one.  I wish that this weren’t true, but it is.  And I’ve learned to live with it, and with myself and my own mental and emotional quirks.

This doesn’t mean that I do not love to play guitar.  I absolutely enjoy and adore playing… most of the time. As you begin to practice more and more, you will find that it is less and less of a routine, and more and more of a love in your life.  You will look at your guitar as a friend, a companion.  It eventually seems to take on a life of its own.  You reach for it at certain times, when you’re lonely, or frustrated, or even happy.  And it brings a sense of peace and contentment as you are able to create a melody or tune.

There is definitely a learning curve and a time of adjustment.  You feel awkward with your guitar at first.  It is like a stranger to you.  You may even experience some pain and discomfort in playing.  But most of the time, this is a natural occurrence.  Being able to exercise control over your instrument does not happen overnight.  In fact, you may feel as if it is controlling or overwhelming you.  It is at these times that you must persist and press on.  You will eventually win this battle, and you will come to a place where it is no longer a difficult experience, but one of enjoyment and even excitement.

Segovia said it well : “The guitar is the easiest instrument to play, and the hardest one to play well.”  Do not get discouraged in your journey to play the guitar.  Do not count it a six-week or eight-week goal.  Count it as a lifetime pursuit.  If you aim high, and do not give up, you will see results soon.  It will eventually get easier, not harder.  You will begin to be able to play notes, and chords, and songs.  And maybe even create your own tunes.

Don’t sell yourself short.  I’ve “quit” playing many times, but not forever.  I’ve always picked it back up again.  After a season, I’ve always been drawn back to my guitar.   I enjoy holding it, playing it, feeling my fingers glide across the strings, and hearing the melodies coming from it.   It’s a joy.   And it will be for you too.

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