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Legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy just did a guest appearance on Steve Krenz's "Live Lessons" show on Tuesday, January 28, broadcast "Live" from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville.

  It was a great show.. and now here's a Link for you to watch too.. Enjoy !


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Phil Keaggy- Guitarist Extraordinaire

PHIL KEAGGYthere are hundreds of PK recordings & videos. Here are a few


BUY THIS CD :  WaterSky  [ $12.00]

YouTube Videos
  •  Live Concert Video- Shades of Green- 9 mins. / Irish instrumental acoustic guitar
  • Studio Album Version- Firewalker - 5 mins. / a jazzy electric jaunt- with violin solo
  • Live Studio Video- Cajon Pass -6.5 mins. / amazing acoustic guitar soloing
  • Live Concert Audio- Here Comes the Sun -3 mins. /  Phil singing a favorite Beatles tune.

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