Friday, August 25, 2023


 I've been working off-and-on this entire year on my very first music album.  I've learned and learning so many things.  It's a brand new game when you take your music from the "front porch" to the world.

Projected Release Date : DEC 2023


Here You Go...   A Couple of Peeks to Perk Your Interest...

           A   C A T ' S   W A I L             W A R M   &  F U Z Z Y


I've posted a few demos and songs along the way.   I'll soon be releasing the entire album via various streaming platforms and on CD.   If you'd like more information, simple contact me and let me know.   

I hope all of my friends and musical acquaintances will reach out and support this new endeavor of mine.   Buy my new album!   T H A N K S !

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