Thursday, September 5, 2013

View "Squirrel's World" Video

OK- it's time to go & help your 'ole pal Bob out.. VIEW my VIDEO.. "Squirrel's World"


You can VIEW it as many times as you wish.  If you choose to watch ALL of the videos, please go back and view mine more than once, because if you don't, all you do is neutralize your vote for me.

The more VIEWS, the more chance I have of winning the Contest & the Grand Prize !

THANKS Everyone !!

New Guitar Pics

My photographer friend was nice enough to do an informal Photo Shoot with me while we were together at a birthday party the other night.

  Here are the Results.  What do you think ?   Please let me know...

  Which is your favorite pic ?


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Watch "Squirrel's World" Video


 In just a few days, a Live Video of my song "Squirrel's World" will be available for viewing online.  It was filmed recently at a local competition called "Senior Idol" where I performed and competed with other local singers and artists with various talents.

 To read more about this, please CLICK on "Guitar Guy" or "Guitar Gigs". There will be a WEB LINK at those locations in the next few days for you to go view my video and also "LIKE" it, which will help me to win the contest and a $100 cash prize.

  I already have another song, an instrumental blues tune called "Cat's Wail", on my YouTube channel.   Just CLICK here under "Guitar Guy" or "Guitar Googles" to find a Video link.